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This week we are studying:

Phonics – OP word family

Reading – summarizing (telling the events of a story students have read or heard)

Writing – narrative writing (telling a story)

Math – addition & subtraction fact families, adding 2 digit numbers – no regrouping

Social Studies – Muslim stories & holidays


Spelling Words

We have three spelling groups in our classroom. Check with your child to find out which group they are in. If they do not remember, you can email me to ask and I will respond only to you. Students will have a test on Friday on writing AND reading these words.

Group 1 – and, like, can, to, in, mop, top, cop, hop, shop

Group 2 –this, that, then, what, when, shop, stop, mop, cop, top

Group 3 – first, about, them, more, less, stop, shop, crop, chop, mop


Show and Tell

Please send show and tell items on Friday morning. Remember, please do not send expensive or dangerous items.

Since, I was absent last week, we will do a double show and tell this week.  This week’s show and tell will be items which start with sh or ch and th or wh.  Some examples might be:  shells, cheese, shirt, choo choo, whale, thimble.  There will be no show and tell next week due to the holiday show.


Website of the Week

Each week I spotlight a website that you can use at home to help your children with what we are working on in class. All websites can be found on our class sqworl. is the website of the week.  We will be going to the computer lab as a class once a week to work on our storybirds, but please encourage students to work on these online stories at home too.  Once some of our stories are finished, I will share some of them on our blog.  Remember, the childrens’ user names are their name with 1b at the end and their passwords are: rakiclass.


Video of the Week

Each week I spotlight a YouTube video that you can use at home to help your children with what we are working on in class.

This week’s video is the song we will be singing in the holiday show.  Please allow your child to practice at home.  The holiday show is Friday, December 17th. 


Announcements & Reminders:

– I was out on Friday due to a stomach virus, so please bear with me if we run slightly behind on some things this week (including these announcements).  I will catch up soon, I hope!

– The holiday show is Friday, December 17th – please help your child practice the song in the link above.

– Please do not allow students to bring toys to school(with the exception of show and tell items).  Many students are bringing toys and they are becoming a distraction, as students do not wait until recess to bring them out of their bookbags.  Toys that are brought out of bookbags will be taken by the teacher, and must be picked up by the parent.  One exception to this rule is the soccer balls that are often sent in for use during recess. 

– If you are planning extended vacations surrounding the holiday break, please let me know ASAP. I WILL be sending home a homework packet for the holiday, and would like every child to receive it.

– We have been working on learning our addition and subtraction facts.  Currently, we are testing on each level of facts, with no timer.  After the winter holiday, students will begin working on timed tests – with just one minute to answer 20 fact questions.  Please begin practicing these facts with your child to help them build automaticity.

– Please continue to read to your child for 20 minutes each night.  Most of my students are beginning to read a lot of words in English.  After you read to your child, allow your child to read to you.

– The community service club is collecting new and gently used toys for charity. Please send in toys to donate. This is a great time to talk about charity and how it connects to Muslim Holidays (one of our Social Studies topics).

– Please continue working with your children on tying their shoes. This is an important self help skill that also aids in fine motor skill development.


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